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Certified Racking System Inspections

Safety First


Trusted independent racking system inspections.

Why choose racking systems inspection from

We will:
    • Identify and report problems before they become serious
    • Confirm the safety, integrity and reliability of your racking systems
    • Minimise the risk of workplace accidents or racking system collapse
    • Ensure worker safety and prevent injury, loss of life, heavy fines, compensation claims and legal action as a result of faulty equipment
    • Maintain safety standards and comply with international regulations
    • Enable your personnel to conduct their own professional and cost-effective in-house inspections

Racking systems inspection from

Independent assessment and training to ensure reliability, functionality, safety and integrity of your racking systems.

Why your racking system may require an inspection

The everyday wear and tear from warehouse operations ultimately increases the structural stress levels of your racking systems. This affects their structural integrity and load-bearing capacity, making your racking systems potentially unsafe. That’s why regular assessment is essential. Our reliable racking systems inspection services help you to ensure that your equipment is safe to use and capable of providing the highest levels of productivity.

pallet racking

storage solutions


Pallet Racking Accessories

We provide a range of pallet racking accessories, some of which include Decking, Leg Protectors, Pallet Supports and Barrier Protection.

Supply & Installation

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we will work with you to understand your requirements and recommend the best racking system for you.

Pallet Racking Products

High-quality industrial racking for pallet storage. Pallet racking can be selective for direct access to each pallet or accumulative for higher storage capacity.

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